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Articles/Reviews in the Archives

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Articles, Concert Reviews

1969 -Concert announcements BILLBOARD September 27, 1969
1972 Basho: "1st Ride, Then Fly" -Philip Elwood San Francisco Examiner /Lively Arts/ July 3,1972
Basho, Victoria Are Victorious at New Orleans House -Sid Carton Concert Review
Robbie Basho; the Odyssey of an American -Fred Gardner
1973 Transcendental Guitar, The Music of Robbie Basho -Allen AQUARAN ANGEL, Woodstock
Robbie Basho -Vic Trigger 32 Guitar Player, March 1973, Vol 7, Nr 2
1975 (concert review)basho boffo in smash (concert review) -Andy Pasternack PIPE DREAM, Feb 21, 1975, Page 14
1976 Nine Albums Later: Robbie Basho -Richard Cohen GUITARS, Musician's News, Vol 11, Number 5, May 1976
1977 Basho Plays To Appreciative Crowd In Coffee House(concert review) -Matt Crane California Aggie, Feb 15,1977
Hopi Legends, American Ragas and an Islamic Symphony /Robbie Basho's Guitar Paintings -Jeffrey Dooley and Mike Waterson BAM Magazine, November 1977
1978 Basho peaceful(concert review) -Happy Jack Feder Montana Uni (?) October 20,1978
An Evening with Robbie Basho (concert ad) - The Art of American acoustic guitar and voice -June Poster Metropolitan Arts Center, San Francisco, Feb 10, 1978
1980 Guitarists provide marvelous evening(concert review) -Larry Kelp Oakland Tribune January 28, 1980
Folk im Smoking? Robbie Basho spielte im Kulturforum (concert review) -Jochen Diederichs General-Anzerger Bonn, Germany , Mittwoch 26.Nov 1980
Kleinodien -Robbie Basho gastierte(concert review) -M.Kobs Bremen, Germany
Bashos Meditationen auf Stahl kaman ohne Verstärker an, Gitarrist beeindruckte mit musikalischer Vielfalt(concert review) -S.M. Hamm, Germany
Acoustic Guitar EXTRAVAGANZAS(concert review) -Dan Forte MUSICIAN'S INDUSTRY, San Francisco
1981 ROBBIE BASHO Painting America In Music -Mark Humphrey 321 FRETS MAGAZINE, May 1981
1982 KEEPING THE HOME FIRES ON -Tim Bradley 3 Guitar World, March 1982
Legends in Steel(concert review) -S.Wacker The Victory Music Folk 6 Jazz Review 7 No1, Jan 1982
ROBBIE BASHO Visioni Per Steel String Guitar -Maurizio Angeletti Hi Folks!, Italy
1983 Robbie Basho: Genius on Guitar -Scott Cawelti 3 The Record, Cedar Fall, Iowa , Nov 2, 1983
1985 ROBBIE BASHO An Eccentric Pioneer of Steel Strings -Calvin Ahlgren 3 San Francisco Chronicle, Nov 17,1985
1986 "Through the unknown remembered gate..." -Will Noffke SHARED VISIONS NEWSLETTER July 1986
Remembering Robbie Basho -Glenn Jones
Halfnotes/ Robbie Basho In Memoriam -Robin Tolleson GUITAR PLAYER July 1986
1995 Jump Street/ LEGACY: ROBBIE BASHO -Dale Miller ACOUSTIC GUITAR October 1995
1996 The Voice of the Eagle...zum 10.Todestag von Robbie Basho -Steffen Basho-Junghans FOLKSBLATT,Germany, 1996

Record Reviews:

1971 Record Reviews/ Song of the Stallion -Ted Genter ASTRAL PROJECTION
1972 on Takoma Records /Review Song of the Stallion/Greenhouse/America -Gerrit Graham Fusion April 1972
1978 Release Info -Visions of the Country Windham Hill
Review -Visions of the Country -GKJ Roundup Records Sommerville
Review -Visions of the Country -TM Victory Music Folk & Jazz Review
Soothing, Entracing Solo Guitar Review: Visions of the Country -Roy Greenberg The Aquarian, Nov 8-Nov 15, 1978 44 (18-A)Record: collector
1980 Review -Visions of the Country -Jim Schwartz GUITAR PLAYER, March 1980, Album Notes
Review: Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6&12 -Richard Cohen BAM Magazine Feb 1, 1980
Review: Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6&12 FRETS Vol 2 No 4, April 1980
Review: Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6&12 (Pastels B-ST-2021) -Klaus Ahlbrand Germany
1981 Release Info Rainbow Thunder Silver Label Recordings
1982 Review: Rainbow Thunder -Tim McKamey Victory Music Folk 6 Jazz Review, April 1982
1983 Bouquet, Flyer Basho Production

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