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robbie basho

'I don't try to follow the masters; I try to ask the same questions they asked.'



This archives shouldn´t be a stupid data-base. Everything can only be a spot or a scetch -nothing is perfect (or like Buddhism would say:”Nothing is ever finished.”). I hope it can grow up step by step to open a window into the lifetime and work of Robbie Basho, poet, father of the American Raga and an earlier champion of open tuning techniques and somebody can find something news, sometimes...or has something news to add (I´m always in search of articles, photographs, tapes, .....for the archives) - please contact Blue Moment Arts to add interesting informations or questions about Robbie Basho´s life.
Please credit this archives, when using materials to make this a living source!
Robbie Basho, live Forli 1982
!!release June 23, 2017!!
Basho, the Forlì concert from 1982 in Italy as digital version
New:LP! ESP-Disk(02/18)
Robbie Basho: Warrior of a lost Tribe by Byron Coley

Robbie Basho_ Nove Italy 1982-_photo Angelo Aldo Filippin
Robbie Basho: Nove Italy 1982- photo © Angelo Aldo Filippin

The rediscovery of an old lady...
Basho's mexican 12 string guitar is back

(more here)

the old star


  • 0ct/21/2014: "Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12" will be reissued for the first time ever by Grass-Tops Recording (CD) and Gnome Life Records (LP).
  • 2013 -Visions of the Country, reissued on LP/CD by Grass-Tops Recording/Gnome Life Records Gnome Life Records(LP) Grass-Tops Recording (CD)
    feature on Windhaming. com about the reissue
  • -Land Of Our Fathers
    Grass-Tops Recording presents, freely to the public, a digitally restored/mastered track from the originally tape release "Bouquet" (Basho Productions, 1983)
    released 21 June 2013

    Robbie Basho Film
    The Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho


    "A feature-length documentary on the extraordinary life and visionary music of the American guitarist and singer Robbie Basho."
    Barker Film (London) is currently working on this documentary.
    The Kickstarter project (with first rough teaser trailer) for the Basho documentary is now live! Please check this out!!

    The 1st ever discovered footage of Robbie Basho!!!

    Originally from "Scan" broadcast - KQED TV - CA (1971) with special guests Marcel Marceau and Robbie Basho
    1st posted by with special thanks to KOED, David Greenberger, Glenn Jones, "tessaract3"
    Basho playing "Cathedrals Et Fleur De Lis" and "Kowaka De'amour" (1971)
    see at the "special/live page

    There are still many questions: Where is his 6 string guitar, notes, unpublished works, tapes...? Does anybody know anything? And please: When You have old handbills, posters, photos - please think of sending an image to the archives. Everything is very welcome. And if somebody could add some notes, stories, infos about interesting websites, related to Robbie Basho's music and life..., please send a message.

    Steffen Basho-Junghans



    special Resources:

      Robbie introduces music from his Vanguard record album "Zarthus" (1974) and talks with Charles Amirkhanian about world music influences in his recent work and his interest in American Indian music.

    articles / specials/ notes online:

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