The Shrine/Basho's 12 string guitar

Robbie Basho's 12 string
the 12 string ca 1978

Basho's mexican 12 string guitar is back on earth
The guitar was discovered during production of
"The Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho"...A great surprise!!
- in fact, it has never been off, only had a nearly unknown daily life...
It needs some repair and refreshment and even then would probable not be a very playable instrument. It was a problematic instrument when Robbie had it, it was not treated well in the ensuing years and has suffered more.
And: - it's a really old lady!!!

the old star

Basho's 12 string Basho's 12 string Basho's 12 string Basho's 12 string
Basho's 12 string Basho's 12 string more details soon..

There are still many questions: Where is his 6 string guitar, notes, unpublished works, tapes...? Does anybody know anything? And please: If You have old handbills, posters, photos and You are thinking of selling - when You make a scan, please think of sending an image to the archives. Everything is very welcome. And when somebody could add some notes, stories..., please send a message.

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