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Preambles, commentaries and assoc.poems of the albums

The Seal of the blue Lotus(1965)

-Seal of the blue Lotus
The basic texture for this piece was taken from Ravi Shankar's "Dhun in Musra Mund," a raga invoking the Religious Springrasa Mood in Hindu Aesthetics.
With this base I inject the Taoistic Taint of the Blue Lotus wich is a musical realm of my own. The guitar is tuned in the color blue,
wich is standard Open G tuning with the 2nd and 4th strings dropped to a minor.

-Mountain Man's Farewell
Sometimes I feel the flavor of Cosmic Essences: the hue of nature colours; Moods given to the airs of music.
In this piece and several others I enter what I call the Theatre of North American Taoism.
This continent is new, the rocks are raw, the winds are sharp, the heart is rash and wild. The Taoistic Essence of China and Japan are aged
with the mildness of human culture. Ours, being new bites like the persimmon to be aged to the taste of the universe. Standing on Lone Dark Mountain,
overlooking all of North America, the raw echo of the Eagle Man, onto Bowel Mountain an, the Soul Heart of the men red and white who made the Mountain Man Ear,
an Epic Picture whose bloodstrain is carried up to a Present of many soul-brothers. An echo of farewell and away into past Karma.
The Snowstorm technique, an innovation of mine is here used at its fullest.

-Dravidian Sunday

Dravidian is an ancient race in India. The theme is poured out with Hindu flesh paints. Elephants of a Golden Age in Hindu history.
From this beginning the piece is developed from that time era to the present North American continent and its sounds,
exploring and remembering, climaxing and returning to where the clouds move away and birds chirp at that break of day so old and yet so young.

-Bardo Blues

An attempt at a musical rendering of the Tibetan Book of the Dead- Bardo Thodol. It moves thru the beginning of death, subsequent limbo voyages, into rebirth.
The voyage moves geographically from Africa to India to the Roof of the World, Tibet.
The style is that of my old wandering. For the initial technique I am indebted to the master guitarist - Bruce Langhorn.

-Sansara in Sweetness after Sandstorm

It is done in D minor modial /Frog minor). Flowing naked into the beauty getting clobbered by a sandstorm and flowing out again.

-Black Lotus - Hymn to Fugen

A blackwash painting of tonalities in the realm of the Black Lotus.
I am aided by wodden organ, drums and templebells. I am also very indebted to Allain Ribback on drone guitar. He made these pieces possible.
Fugen is the Goddess of the Lotus Sutra, of Charity, of Gentleness. This is a hymn of deep spiritual passion rising and falling and finally rolling on the carpet of the clear with the aid of Sweet Bhikshu Bells.

The Grail and the Lotus(1966)

While recovering from Pneumonia, the artist had a vision (Sur La Guitar) of a golden grail whith white Lotus and blueblack space. This is the main theme of the album.
It is a simultaneous glimpse of the Feudal Age -European and Japanese side by side -a co-ming-ling of Knighthoods in Flower.
Apart from the title song the balance of the album is also a fete of East and West, going very much against the Japanese proverb about splicing the Pine to the Bamboo.

-The Grail and the Lotus
was composed in the mood of mediaeval England at the time of the Crusades: first the Chimes of Morning -then the beginning theme taken from an old ballad, "If you must go and I must stay." The crusader lingers with his lady awhile -takes his leave of her and sets his mind for the journey. He embarks on his search for the grail on a solid Dm chord and fulfils his quest in a series of Shuttle movements filled with the nectar of Oriental flowers, reaching a climax in the ringing of the bell. Instead of putting forth to clout some poor alien over the head for a bloody cup -one may sit still and dream and find the golden grail inside.

-The Dharma Prince
is an experiment using the steel 6 in expressing Japanese Koto movements. Musically the seed is down in India and moves directly into Japanese patterns with an ear to the Rokudan and other classical Koto pieces. This is a first attempt and has a long way to go till perfection: starting in India, going to a foreign country for the first time, exploring with an attitude of respect, then returning. The tuning is standard, in the key of Am.

-Oriental Love Song
is based on a song with words by Mary Koth, an ex-school teacher in New York. Both playing and singing she is one of the deepest women I have heard, and this is an Oriental setting. Simply put by a friend, "It is a song to fill crevasses and windy hills of the heart." The tuning used here is a Dm modal -the two E strings down to a D, and the B string down to its minor.

-The Golden Shamrock
is a raga in disguise, combining delicate Hindu movement with hard double thumbing, Fahey style. The structure is simple: beginning with an invocation to the Golden People of Past Time, the main theme is an Irish Scabbard (golden barnacled with gems) and a White Lotus Blade: the soft blade is drawn from the hard scabbard, completes a series of movements (ie Katas) and returns to the scabbard. This drawing of the blade and retuning occurs intermittently until a climax is met. In short, this is a blend of Irish American and Hindu utilizing the scabbard structure. It is played in C tuning.

-Street Dakini
"Slaughter on the 10th Avenue" to me is one of the most moving pieces in American music. I think of Gershwin, but it is Rogers. It is a fantastic experience to play on the guitar. I dig the idea of lotus pedals falling on the Lower East Side. A Dakini is a female apparation of spirituality (not necessarily Tibetan Buddhist) who comes to those who need her and have Right Attitude. She can be an astral gift or just a chick walking - she comes - she passes - there is nothing to hold on to. The tuning is open G.

-Chung Mei - Chinese Orchid
a wistful Irish air wich then pops into China where the word moves in harmony with a 4000 year old fan. There are Intermezzo moods of blues and Western classic between the folding and unfolding of the fan, until the dream ends as it began, in San Francisco. The piece is played in standard tuning, key of Em.


a Cajun lament - the song of the mother having lost her child
-Baskets full of Dragons
12 String -A quasi-Oriental Blues -owing to the fact that women generally never know what comes out of their mouths.
-Katari Takawaitha
A story hymn to Katari Takawaitha - The Lilly of the Mohawks known also in my personal nomenclature as Fara (?)
Americanus (For the benefit of the Song - Takawaitha is mispronounced Takawaitha obeisande to B. ST. M.
-Aons au Ball
A black Gumbo Song by Godar (?) Chalrin.
a) Cajun - French Acadians forced out of Canada by the British -settled in Louisiana Bayous.
b) Creole -Remrants of Spanish & French Aristocracy mixed with prevailing Indian & Negro bloods
(According to some Hobbits it can be quite a nasty ego-trip)
c) Gumbo - Solid French speaking Negros of the back country. Hearing these people talk is all charm.
Apprehension - Death -Rebirth -Gone (?)
   -Black -Gold -Clear
Like a Sumi painting, the Guitar follows the voice & mood spontaneously. We tried it twice and the 2nd one worked
-Tibetan Bach
A short experiment wich should get longer in the future & when the author learns not to run out of the breath.
-Basho's Blues
A goup of pictures backed by guitar in the manner of Skip James.
Dance Calinda
Cajun Dance tune, a friendly voodoo for having a good time.
-Black Mare Moan
For me music is another form of keeping in touch with friends - past & present - This song is full of it.
-New Llhasa New Year's Chorale
12 String - Sometimes maybe I no ask questions - I just sings what comes out. No snow in Berkeley, a Tibetan Sleigh Ride wouldn't hurt.
---THWAP---Supplied by Scooter Woodriff - harp guitar.


-The Falconer's Arm
A rough-hewn piece from my personal forest of recollection. It could be an ancient Scotch Crusader's wail for overcoming ignoble establishments.
Ther's one thing the Blues is afraid of and thats the pipes.
-Tassajara - Zen Shinji
A dedication sung to Tassajara - site of an old hot springs resort now the first Zen Monastery in the U.S., situated in the California Mountains southeast of Carmel. The piece itself is a duet for Guitar and Flute. The fine musicianship of Susan Graubard made it.
-Lost Lagoon Suite - Vancouver, Canada
Theoretically a four movement symphony for a 12 string.
Walking into the forest
Blue Wolf
Sky Medicine
Walking out of the forest
-Pavan Hindustani
A miniature raga encapsuled in Western Guitar form, utilizing the Running Himalayan Rondo.



-Variations on "Shakespeare Wallah"- Sunyat Raye
Recorded live at the "Rainbow Concert" at Santa Cruz. Fine recording of guitar by placing the recording mikes in the audience between the two speakers.
Lord love a Nagra ( a miniature Swiss tape recorder)
-Song of the Snowy Ranges
Definition of a bummer - too much too soon
Definition of acid - Karmic Cosmetics
Bringum-back-alive-Basho's contribution to the ant-acid campaign. Better to wait 3 years for a good thing than to push it and get "jammed".
From beneath icy pinecones,
The breath of peace.
Song of the Snowy Ranges
Listen my son to what I tell you,
I who hold the Reins of Time.
The passageways are dark and narrow,
The Snowy Ranges hard to climb.
High Himalayas she's an icy stallion
  Warmed by the blood of men who love to ride
But do not mount her, till you are ready,
  Or be like me and sorely tried.
The bride of Christ, she's too hot to handle
Like fire through the fingertips.
A ruby sword, a golden pommel,
The Queen oof Death pressed to the lips.
Down in the valley the bulls have assembled
White tusks gleaming in the night.
A grave before them, bones of desire
For I have long since taken flight.
As I lay sitting in the sunlight,
My wounds do slowly, slowly heal.
The Royal Nights, the Golden Laterns
The mountains horns round me peel.
High Himalayas she's an icy stallion
  Warmed by the blood of men who love to ride
But do not mount her, till you are ready,
  Or be like me and sorely tried.
A song of Persian Autumn - raga and flamenco techniques.
Sing a song of Scorpio
Pocket full of Pasha
-Song of God -12 string
This piece opens with what I call the Crest of Richard The Lion Hearted (Tantric Heraldry), adapted from a composition by Billie Roberts called Folk Fugue.
Then into the Song of God proper, wich is my attempt to render a feeling for the manifestation of:
Meher Baba


Venus in Cancer(1970)

Preamble to the Album itself
Once upon a time it seemed to me that all the good things that came to me were dressed in the Zodiacal sign of CANCER.
Then I found out that my "VENUS" was in CANCER. And then I discovered a great song on a very CANCER-like summerlike day in the company of a lovely VENUS,
also CANCER. And so the birth of a Musical Realm called VENUS IN CANCER. "Astrology should be a beautiful slave, never ones master".

Venus in Cancer
The mood is Waltz Noblise
It is in three main movements
Largo for a Lady
High Waters
And one incomplete fourth movement wich waits upon eternity for completion

Eagle sails the Blue Diamond Waters
(One Flew Over the Hoopoe's Nest)
  In very ancient times when the sun was TART with Golden Nectare and the sky was made of Blue Silk and the moon was White with wonder;
the Old Sage of the Mountains would sing his song of joy out into the Peach Orchard Skys of Twilight,-then,-mounts up-trots slowly-up into the starry night of Immortals.
(12string guitar -plus voice)
(drone string guitar-plus a few stars-Victor(SPARROW)Chancellor)

Kowaka D'Amour
  Kowaka D'Amour- is in essence a Japanese Sonata, heard best at night. Its name is derived from a Feudal form of known as the Kowaka; in which the legendary sagas of the Samurai were enacted, and read aloud- much like Homer. Its sole cast consisted of three men, and in the old days they were accorded House, Servants, and the right to wear two swords (without fighting- a privilege accorded to none but high ranking warriors. I adopted it as a Saga of Love.

Rain pattering on the Outside
God pattering on the inside
Even in Zen,
There is no substitude for a carcss

Song for the Queen
(In the Gaelic)
Dedicated to Mehera
  There are some things in allegory I've always wanted to hear; this is one of them:

My Love walks bye
Arrayed in white,
Lillies in her hand
And roses in her heart       (Verse)
And silver leaf upon
Her shining Brow
Purposely unintellegeble- texture of feeling flow       (Chorus)
Take care- Take care my love,
The way to the castle is dark and long,
And don't stop at stranger's door,
Don't hark to witch' lure,     (Obligato)
Till forest night, is put to flight
By Morning Song.
The Queen rides bye
Tears in her eyes
Achalice in her hand
And by the Kings comand       (2nd Verse)
The cup will spill
And love will flow and fill the land
Purposely unintellegeble- texture of feeling flow       (Chorus)
Arise, arise Sir Knight
Receive thy colors-blue and white
And by the Master's hand     (Obligato)
Ride forth and wake the land
Till Easter's sun cries out
That all is one-
My love walks bye
Dew drops of diamonds in her eyes
Nectar, of rubies in her heart
And smile of sapphiress upon her lips      (3rd Verse)
In clear radiance
She has been to the temple of the Lord
And seen His face:
  The best thing for fire-pain is water, the next best thing
is silk, Please excuse the blatant silk, It soothes the pain.
Arranged by- Ed Bogus
French Horn- Krehe Ritter
Viola- Moreen Libet

Cathedrals Et Fleur De Lis
  A study in French Expressionism, the mood is French Pastoral: A Cathedral situated on a green hill in the French Province;
-The scent of fleur de lis before the rain;-The organ sounds the bowels of church-
Rain stops:
  Doves fly from the Cathedral windows
  Also for me this piece has been a Western equivalent to the Hindu Rain Raga.
(12string only)

Wine Song -(Sweet Wine Of Love)
  Throughout much of Persian Poetry the motif of the Tavern, Tavern Keeper, and Wine was used in expressing the beauty and mysteries of Love and God.
  This is just a plain little song about it.

The sweet wine of love is but a dream
And yet I yearn for more,
The pocket of the heart contains the key,       (1st Verse)
Turns the Tavern door;
    And more, and more
Come in, I hear a Voice from inside
Drink- wine; Love- divine:     (Chorus)
Be blind; to yourself-
The drink of love she satisfies,
But the thirst He lingers on,
When first she drew me to her eyes,       (2nd Verse)
The swallows sored in song
    Won't be long, and she's gone
She offered me with velvet hands
In movements soft and slow
A chalice cup with emeralds green       (3rd Verse)
And silver-lined with snow
    Look below- look below
Come share this cup of wine with me,
And leave your cares behind:
Go hand your heart upon a tree       (4th Verse)
And watch the moonbeams, shining in your eyes
    In Your eyes
Come close my love
Come close into my heart



Song of the Stallion(1971)

"Song of the Stallion" is an album of guitar music and poetry. It is a compendium of Hindu, Middle Eastern, Western Classical and purely American styles of stringed instruments
as applied to steel stringed guitar."The White Stallion with Golden Wings" is used to symbolize the guitar technique of the "running horse"
and then "flight by wings"; and also the movement of man at his best towards the "Glorious Sun of Infinity."

Side 1A "Song of the Stallion"
(dedicated to the Alvarado`s)
Actually a condensed musical history of California, starting with a European theme, notably "Corelli",
then to the Spanish on the California Coast and then Missionaries and the Indians and Now.

Poem "I See You Little One"
I see you little one
Your eyes, dark as a doe on a snowy night,
Your face, blessed with immaculate complexion,
Your soul, pure as a host in the Chalice of God;
Hidden away in that tabernacle of the golden doors
and the blue silk veils;
I see you little one,
Awaiting the Heart of the Priest

Side 1B " A North American Raga" (The Plumstar)
This is an attempt to play raga somewhat in the Hindu sense, but portraying a mood of North America using the simple finger- picking style
of the steel stringed guitar, with poetry delicately placed to enhance the mood. In short, Hindu know-how coupled with American Indian melody; Indian on Indian.
This is my first recording of such a piece and more will come in future albums.

Narrative: Deep into the night near Dark Mountain
there is a white teepee pitched against a purple sky,
In it the Princess of the Silver Waters sings
to her lover.
I walk up there, midst the odor of plums and the
sprinkling of stars
And greet her, and we join hands,
And together we go riding up there up the Dark
Mountain to meet her father;
Her Father who is truly Chief
Her Father who is truly light,
His golden face glowing
His white feathers flowing
'And Father we would be married here atop
'the Mountain.
'And Father hear us sing:
'Ya he', Ya he', Ya he

Side 1C "The Lady, She is in Waiting"
A classical piece for steel stringed guitar with a dignified first movement, a fast-moving second movement,
using the double-thumbing folk technique, and a melancoly third movement using the spanish tremolo

Poem "While Sleeping"
While sleeping, someone is weeping,
Her heart beats against his
Can you tell me who she is and why?

Side 2A "Roses and Snow"
(dedicated to the "Mandali")
When the object of love dies there is sorrow; but the love, which is paramount, holds on; so there is a mixture of emotions,
sweetness and sorrow, roses and snow and ride on, ride on-
The wine of God is Good
It flows from Heaven`s Bowl,
This wine is Good it fills the Soul
And as I drink, a Song within me Sings,
Where ere I go;
Roses and Snow, Roses and Snow
Roses and Snow; Where ere I go,
Roses and Snow.

There is a style of devotional singing in India called the Bhajan. This is bhajan with a musical takeoff. Tablas- by Wlliam Wright

Side 2B "California Raga"
(dedicated to Anise and Selma)
The California raga is simply put a love story set to music. Raga is used here as an adjective of style rather than the definitive suchness of the raga itself,
and expresses more, the continuum of mood through progressing changes. Vertical subtlety is the thing here instead of the horizontal.

There is a legend in the land of California of a Queen who rides by night and taunts the watchers of the heart to follow;
and this I`ve heard and of the few who`ve seen her fewer yet have followed.

They say she comes at midnight
And picks her lovers carefully,
So very carefully, without a sound;
This lady of the night,
La Senora Del Noche- Dios,
She rides a white-spotted stallion
And wears a suit of red Spanish wine
And fills a blouse of white Spanish lace
A black cordovan hat with dancing fringe adorns her face,
Her face smooth as almonds
Her raven locks, curling at the temples
And her eyelids, how they quiver with dignity
And her eyes Oh! her eyes, like sabers, sabers cutting
the night away.
And always she rides, looking back over her shoulders
Her shoulders, so haughty, so high born
As if to say, Catch me if you can,
Oh man, oh man,
And if You follow, the sky will swallow
And I will leave her my love, alone
In the willows by the Mountain
The big Blue Mountain with the White- silver cone
And you will wait
And you will wait
Till it will open.

Side 2C "The Hajj"
The Hajj is a pilgrimage to a holy place, usually to Mecca. It is used here to depict a mood of joyous travel.

Side 2D "Khatum"
Khatum literally means "a sealing", or, as I mean, a closing prayer to the album.
It expresses a mood of deep respect to God. It was inspired by the Iranian Santur Music of Rastegar- Nejad.

Closing Comments:
I was asked by the record company to sum up "my" philosophy of life and music.
"My" philosophy is quite simple: soul first, technique later, or "Better to drink wine from the hands than water from a pretty cup":
of course the ultimate is wine from a pretty cup.
Robbie Basho


The Voice of the Eagle(1972)

Side 1
1.The Voice of the Eagle
  A piece of Hopi pageantry, a Hopi raga. The South Indian (Hindu)log drum, the mrdangam, is used to accentuate the heartbeat.
The eagle is a solar bird, the messenger of the gods, and has often been used in Hopi ceremonials.
Throughout the LP are key American Indian words, wich listeners should be aware of.
TAIOWA: The creator (God), the Hopi equivalent of Allah and Brahma.
TAWA: The sun, the face through wich the Creator , who stands behind, looks at us. Another face would be our fellow man.

I am the Voice of Sun and Thunder
I am the Voice of Sky so Blue
I am the Voice of Constant Wonder
And I am the Voice that`s a-calling
  you, to be true
And I am the Voice that`s a-calling
  you, TAIOWA
I Sail the Silent Scenes of Summer
I Sail the Snows of Winter too,
I Sail the Golden Fields of Autumn
And I Sail the Spring that`s a-calling
  you, to be true
And I Sail the Spring that`s a-calling
  you, TAIOWA

2.Wounded Knee Soliloquy

A poetical feeling for what happened there and afterwards. Si Tanka, or Big Foot, was a holy man.

Go, bury my heart at Wounded Knee,
Go, bury my heart and set her free
Go, bury my heart, so the wolves
  and lions won`t tear apart,
Go, Set Her Free
Walking in the Wind and the Driving
In my Heart is an Aching Pain
Please gather my Soul in the Autumn Leaves
Go, wrap my Soul in the Golden Leaves
Go, cover my Soul, keep Her safe
  from the Wind and the Snow,
Don`t Let Her Freeze
Waiting, in the Warm Golden Rain
The Sweet Silent Reign of the Sun
To come again
Are you ready, My Son
For to ride The Rainbow of His Light?
I am ready, My Father
For to ride This Rainbow of Your Light

3.Blue Corn Serenade

  A kind of American Indian manifesto, using a Hopi motif with Incan overtones. Pahana is a Hopi term for the Long Lost White Brother,
a saviour or Rasoul of fair skin who will return some day to help the Indian race - a returning Quetzatcoatl.

Oh my Lord my Love, Oh Pahana
We offer Roses, Roses and Gold,
And our lives, and all we see;
Oh Pahana, we give Thanksgiving,
Thanksgiving to Thee
Oh Lord of Roses, Roses and Gold
This is the Land of our Fathers
This is our Home,
Given to us by the Creator
Long time ago, no more to roam;
To Live in Peace and Plenty, forever,
And Lord is Love, and Love has Wings
To fly the Skys of the Sun
And thrill to the Sun and Harvest Moon
And Love is Lord, and Lord has Wings
Oh Tiowa, Taiowa
When Corn is Ripe
I light my Pipe
And Smoke the Peace of the World
And Praise the Peace of the World
And Harvest Moon;
And Love is Lord, and Lord has Wings
Oh Taiowa - Creator -Forever

Side Two

  A song journey from dusk to dawn in the life of HINMATOON YALATKET,
"Thunder Rolling in the Mountains, to a Loftier Place", or Joseph of the Nez Percé.
It is also a song of emergence from the dreaded "Kaloiyuga" (Iron Age) to the Golden Age of the "New Humanity".

The Moon She is Arising
All dressed in Blue, just to show us
    the Way
And good Chief Joseph, will take up
    his People,
Lead them down to the River, by the
    break of Day
And the Morning Star, will come out
    to greet us
As we cross over, the Waters of
As we cross over, the Hard Waters
    of the Heart
So keep on climbing, keep on climbing
Towards the Dove, with the Soft Spoken
Towards the Dove, with the Unbroken
The Sun He is A-Shining
Reclined in Glory, to Receive us Home
Reclined in Glory, to Receive His
    children Home
    To Receive them Home
Adi - E - Oh - YE
And good Chief Joseph, will take up
    his People
Lead them up Across the Mountains by
    the end of Day
Oh - YE - Oh - YE
The Moon She is Arising
All dressed in Blue, just to show us
    the Way

2.Omaha Tribal Prayer

  The same one the Boy Scouts use to close their camp fire, only the melody and words are changed to a contemporary style.
The Sioux word for God, WAKANTANKA, is used to balance the rhythm, plus an extra placement of Aton Hé, needed to make the song come out right.
I met a Sioux man married to an Omaha girl - they thought it was all right.
Funny how people who start out warring against each other wind up in marriage.

   DÉ Doo     Aton-Hé
WAPATAIN     Aton-Hé

Oh Father, Oh Father
A needy one stands before Thee
I who sing - am he

Cross on Over, Cross on Over
The Bridge twixt you and me
And helping hand will reach down
And set you Free

Keep an Walking, Keep on Walking
The Rainbow of the Heart
May the Sun Shine down on you Forever
Oh my Lord

   DÉ Doo     Aton-Hé
WAPATAIN     Aton-Hé
Oh my Lord
WAPATAIN     Aton-Hé

3.Sweet Medicine
  A "Walk in Beauty" song. No words.

4.Roses and Gold
  A very personal love song.

Roses and Gold, Rose and Golden,
Roses and Gold, She is my Heart,
To have and to hold my life forever,
She is my Love, She is my Life

Cannot you see, the Rainbow in the Heavens,
See the Stars, Shining in the Night
I see my love, on top the Mountain
She never Dies, She never Dies

Cannot you wait, for the Skys to open
See the Rivers to be a-running clean
And in the Qiet Forest
The Running Deer, The Running Deer
The Darling Deer, They are so Near

Roses and Gold, Rose and Golden,
Roses and Gold, She is my Life
To have and to hold Her forever,
She is my Life, She is my Love
Roses and Gold Forever Ah

Ah Forever
Roses and Gold - Forever

5.Moving Up A Ways
A Drama Myth "Sing", of the Navahoes, depicting the spiritual and physical evolution from lower to higher forms of life. With this in mind,
I wrote this contemporary song. Also, the Sioux word WAKAN meaning Holy, seemed naturally to fit the Chorus, so I left it.

Moving Up A Ways, Over Yonder
Where the Rainbow Sighs
And the Eagle CRYS to Sun
We are all ONE, in the Sun
Moving Up A Ways, Over Yonder

Where the Blue Doe calls
And the White Snow falls
To the Sand, And to this face,
And to these hands, And to where I stand
Up Over Yonder

Moving Up A Ways, Over Yonder

Where the Sky Elk talks
And the White Bull walks in the Rain
He's come again, He is the same,
Moving Up A Ways, Over Yonder

Where the Moon Dove Sings
And Sky Girl brings me my wine
White-silver wine and the stars do shine
Up over Yonder


An L.P. of Persian, Arabic, Western Themes, woven together into a single 'Fabric D'Amour' to cover the barren manekin of modern times.

Side One


- a shortened version of Zarathustra or Zoroaster - the Avater of Ancien Persia -; also means Sun-Disk.
"Come walk the Golden Corridors of the King
The Windows are Open the Time it is Spring
And do not fear it, for I am the Queen."

KHODA É GUL É ABE - The "Lord of the Blue Rose." - A Persian Raga.

- Mehera is Persian for Mary. All words are Latin except C onsuelo, Spanish for "She who consoles or comforts."
"Mehera, Regina, Chaelis et terrae, Adoremus, Consuelo, Dea do Deo, Eternitaliter."

"Oh Mehera, Beloved Higher Mind
Like a luminous kite, born aloft by the Breeze
To that place in the Center of the Sky,
Where all is Seen and none may Touch."

1.Khalil Gibran, God has placed a Sorrow
  Heath the Cedars of Lebanon; Allah Nazul, Allah Rahim
  Lord, Look down and mend our broken wings.
2.In Thy Dark Hour when Satan's wrath has looked upon
  And hooked uponThy Sacred Flowers; - Allah Nazul, Allah Rahim;
  Lord Look down, mend our broken wings.
  And when the Nighingale sings his love song to the Rose,
  She'll come again, clearer than she appears now,
  Veiled in Blue, feet upon the Moon.
3.Thy Kingdom come; on Earth as it is, in Heaven
  Thy Will be done, Allah Nazul, Allah RAHIM,
  Lord, Look down and mend our broken wings.
  YA BUI YA BUI (O My Father)
  And when the Nightingale sings her love song to the Rose,
  He'll come again, clearer than He appears now
  Robed in White, borne as on a cloud -
  YA BUI YA BUI (O My Father) O My Heart.
  Khalil Gibran

1.O Bride Divine in my Arms
  I've held you lightely
  And cradled you slightly
  And for awhile you were
  Mine own true love
  Oh Quailis, Hu Allah
  Oh Quailis, Oh Hu Allah
2.Standing in my Amour bright
  I saw you weeping from the Tower
  At Twilight, the Tower at Twilight
  And to the Ends of Earth I'd fly to you
  And to the Ends of Time My Love.
  Oh Quailis, Hu Allah
  Oh Quailis, Oh Hu Allah
3.O Bride Divine in my Arms
  I've held you lightely
  And cradled you slightly
  And for awhile you were
  Mine own true love

Assoc.Poem While Sleeping
While Sleeping,
Someone came
With a very sharp knife
And pierced my heart,
It bled all night long,
Delicate droplets of
Purple Wine;
And if collected in a
Crystal Cup
And strewn from the
Castle Tower,
The fields would bear
A Golden Crop.

Side Two

(dedicated to Uncle Joseph and Aunt Ivy; and the veterans of W.W.I)
The Druz are Sufi Mountain folk who migrated to the hilly lands of North Lebanon and Syria in the 9th Century from Persia.
The Rhapsody itself is A Spiritual Journey of many short vignettes of going to, and coming from, linked together by a common theme of Love.

A.Main Theme

B.Wine Section

C.Flower of the Heart
"I Am the Flower of the Heart
   Awaken Me
   And I will bloom again;
   And All the Hopes of Men
   Will Raise their weary heads
   And Rise from Empty beds
   And Gaze upon the Bride
   Who brings the Dawn.
   (Hold on to Me untill the End)"

D.The Flight

   The Oriental Nightingale
   Announces to the Seeker
   That it is time for him
   To have his interview with
   The King.
Assoc.Poem Echoes of the Past -A&B
Walk ye in the Palace of the King
White Alabaster Walls and Lions
decked with Wings,
And Great Gilded Halls reflect
the Calls of Kings;
And wear ye the Necklace of
the Queen
Glistening Gems against a
beating breast,
And spare the rest for graceful steps,
Out onto the Terrace and the
Garden of the Night
So Deep the Night, the Pool Black Night
The Earth so Green, so Dark Ground Green
And the Air so lightly Silver.
  Darshan is the personal meeting
  of the Seeker with the King of Kings
  (The Shah of the Universe)
  (The Avatar) and receive his blessing.
   "Arise and come to Me
   And whose Eyes do you see,
   I am the Highest of the High."
   AnA Sahib il Zamdn
   (The Ancient Friend)
   "I am with you, In all you do;
   Now Arise and Return;
   Hold on to me Until The End."
G.Ocean Section
1."I am the Anchor
   I am the Ocean
   I am the Vessel
   of Love's Devotion,"
   Hara Meher

   Hold on to Baba
   until The End
   Hold on to Baba
   the Dearest Friend.
2."I am the Tempest
   I am the Tower
   I am the Passion(Oh Leila)
I am the Power."
H.Allah Meher(Compassionate God)
   Allah Meher
   Allah Meher
   Hare HARE (Hail to Thee)
Allah Meher (Compassionate God)
   A Mighty Ship has run before me,
   And I have married
   The Song of her Sail
   Allah, Allah,
   Allah Hu Meher
   Allah Meher
   Hu Meher, Hu Meher

Part II
J.Baba's Mountain
   "If you break my heart, I'll Die
   If you break my heart, I'll Die
   And won't you come to
   Baba`s Mountain,
   I will show you the Way to
   Baba's Mountain,
   Oh what a lovely day.
K.Look into your Heart
   Look into your heart
   And you will find
   Me waiting there,
   All of your life
   In Silent Prayer
M.Rolling Home

come: Cup thine Ear and faintly hear
The Curtain Calls of Yesterday,
The Cricket and the Nightingale;
And all is well beneath the Spell,
And here the Smell of Jasmine,
And there the Rose, and Now
The Honey-Musk of Deer in Sweet Response
And Allah Knows -

The Flower of Love's Unfolding - C
I am the flower of Love's Unfolding
I sleep in the Gentle Finders of the Heart,
Held aloft in the Breeze, against
the Silent Breast of the Soul;
Who is The Tara
Who is Golden, and She is beholden
for you to whisper My Name into her Boundless (windswept) Ear
And She will Harken and She will Hear
And She will draw me Upwards
towards her Gleaming Hair
And somewhere, between
The Fingertips of Twilight
And the Downy Lips of Dawn
She will kiss me; and I will wake and I will Stir,
And the Rose will conquer
The Earth.

Assoc.Poem Bride of the Dawn - C
(Kafi Al Nur)
Oh Bride of the Dawn
You are The Daughter of the Night
And across the Bridge of Twilight
I hear you calling, "Beloved Oh Beloved,
Join me in the Golden fields of Night,
My naked feet gliding o'er the
Lillies of the Night,
Running ever Running the Vast
Plain towards the Sea,
And Father - Oh Father; Behold!
My Bridal Gown,
So Resplendent in the Moonlight,
Twin white-veils of scalloped Silk,
Lilting behind me o'er the lea,
And tenderness has touched the Brezze,
And the Breeze has flushed
my face to Crimson
And Father, Oh Father,
I would be Married."

All the Wayward Boys - J
All the Wayward Boys are coming
home, Mother.
For in the Valley, the Shepherds
of the World
Are having a last great roundup,
Gathering their flocks inside
the Grand Corral.
For the Dark Clouds are Approaching,
And there will be Thunder Upon the Mountain
And the Great Storm will have it.
And the Earth will shake and tremble,
And look up My Children,
for God will be wearing His Finest Jewels.

Visions of the Country(1978)

Robbie in the Berkeley Hills

A Day in the Life of North America

I would paint for you a portrait of North America, as a beautiful woman, when she was young and untarmed, untrammeled upon and unshamed. Her discipline was natural, her modesty overwhelming. And in the morning she would wash the burning face of the sun with her loving mist and comb his auburn hair with balsam fur: and he would smile upon her, and the day would begin and she would spread her apron for all to gather round her and she would feed the deer and the birds and share her loving heart with all creation. And with breakfast done, she would take her waterjar across her shoulders and off to the fields she would go; the seeds of corn and squash to sow, and she would raise her head to watch the forests weave their silent singing o'er the wind; and she would tickle the streams with magic fingers and feel the water's flow and know the humor of their coursing. And up, up into the afternoon she would saunter, the sweat upon her brow, and past the jagged rocks, and past the balsam boughs , and in the shade od cedar she would stop to rest perchance to pray. Could she forget the warmth of sun against her eyes at night, and sight has fallen slowly into sleep and keep: and awake! and shake! and clear! and down and deep she wonders with the deer, and suppertime is drawing near; and dear it is the broth of sky she drinks and sweet the taste of buttered sun before he sinks (beyond the horizon),.....and twilight winks his way into her watchful heart, and start the song. For in the evening she would sing oh so sweetly that entire earth would turn on its side the better to hear her: and moon would place his palm against his cheek and weep with deep emotion for he was an old fellow with white hair, and she made him forget the distance of eons and eons and neutrons and protons. And of course this happened a long time ago before the age of tempered steel and ruffled lace, and outer space. But One can still hear her singing in the high countries of the heart and in the vast canyons of constant memory where the life of a single being is not forgotten nor forsworm and somewhere a child is born, and no where is the blanket torn between thee and me and shining sea and   God knows
  earth calls
  rain falls
  corn grows
loloma, loloma, loloma kwak kwai

Side One

*Green River Suite:
A painting of the Grand Tetons, the Snake River,
the Wind River Range, and ending in the poetic
title of the Green River.

Weya He Weya Ho
Meadow sky, mountain snow
Weya He Weya Ho
Song of Sioux, home of Crow
Oh you river, roll-a-rhee
My home is Wyoming
Green River Wyoming
Wild and free
Oh you river
You smell like Heaven to me.
From the center of the Earth
To the center of the Sky
There am I -sweetwater
There am I
From the mountains high above
to the Valley down below
I am with you sweetwater
Where'ere ye go
And the wind rides high
And the wind blows free
And the wind marries me
Oh Wyoming
Oh you river
Move along Green River
Carry Me home

A short country piece for guitar
*Rocky Mountain Raga:
All my life I`ve been riding
These ranges of your heart
And now you`ve caused my heart to tremble
Like the leaves of Autumn and May
Oh you grand Rockies
Rise up forever
Rise up in praise
Towards the sun
Against the sky
Don`t know why I cry
Forever oh Maria of the Rockies
Come to me
*Variations on Easter
A folk guitar piece based on the work of Leo Kottke

*Blue Crystal Fire
A love song

Blue crystal fire: burn brightly in me my love
Smooth singing sunshine: wrap your blanket
  around me my love
Fast flowing waterfall: wash my tears away my
Deep within the forest: there I wait for you my
Deer with silver antlers: come and play with me
  my love
Sweet smiling moonbeams:
 be my rhapsody
 be my rhap-so-deep
 my love

Side Two

*Orphan's Lament

To all the little orphans of the rainbow; and
may they find the gentle hand of the Creator.
Born for love and nothing more
Given away 'cause we was poor
Will you wait, will you wait for me?
I'll be waiting by the river my love
I'll be waiting by the trees
Will you wait, will you wait for me?
My face was brown and my hair was long
Cut my hair, hushed my song
Will you wait, will you wait for me
Al my life I've been forced to roam+
Never had a place to call my own
Will you ait, will you wait for me?

*Leaf in the Wind
T Yuma Sumac; An excursion to the "mountain around wich things move."
*Night Way
A guitarist's celebration of the Southwest, inspired by the Navaho Nightway Chant.
*Elk Dreamer's Lament
Simply a wilderness lament.

*Call on the Wind

A good night song for all those who heard a day in the life of North America
Ride with the wind
Sing to the rain
Bring my love, my love to me
Sit with the sun
Drink with the moon
Bring my love, my love to me.
Call on the wind
Sing to the stars
Bring my love, my love to me
Follow the Milky Way; Home

Art of the Acoustic Steelstring Guitar 6&12(1979)

Side One
1.The Grail and the Lotus
A Neo-Gothic construction for six string, combining East and West.
2.Cathedrals Et Fleur De Lis
A 12th century French cathedral in the province with gardens, flowers, and birds. Now comes a rainstorm, and hear the organ sounding within the church.
After the rainstorm, doves flying from the cathedral window, and the immortal chimes.
3.Pasha II
Islamic Hymn for the Goddess of the Rose.
4.A Study For Steel String
Vivaldi and Trumpets for six string guitar
5.Ackerman Special
German Rococo
6.Apres Midi American
Nature Mood

Side Two
1.Variations On Grieg
A romance for six string in C tuning (the Sun Tuning.
2.Scottish Rites
A study for 12string; thinking of Vaughn Williams.
3.Pavan India
A mini-raga for 6 string
4.Variations On Ezumi
A guitar piece based upon a theme by Kemio Ito.
5.Variations On Claire De Lune
No one can ever match the Clair de Lune by Presti and La Goya (husband and wife team on Nonesuch),
but I thought this 12string version was a nice way to end the evening.


Rainbow Thunder -Songs of the American West(1981)

Rainbow Thunder is a collection of songs expressing the feelings and textures of the West in its Prime, and of the Native American Peoples who lived there.
I hope it does them some small degree of justice - they who looked so hard into Nature.

Side 1
-Redwood Ramble
-6-string guitar solo.
-Crashing Thunder -12-string guitar & voice
A kind of John the Babtist -American Indian Revelation Song. It was a happening song; not intended to be preachy.
"Oh -Oh Jerusalem,"
Cried the heart of the lomb.
Arise, arise my Heart.
Arise, arise my Heart.
Oh! Oh America -
God has shed His Grace on thee,
And we waste it like we do the water.
And we waste it like we do the water.
Arise, arise my heart!
Arise, arise my heart!
The Teepees are Dark and the Hoop has been Broken,
The Valleys are Dry and the Mountains are Smoking -
From high in the Mesas the Word will be spoken.
And Oh the Sound of Thunder,
Oh! What Glorious Sound.
The Light will break and the Water will run down,
The Land will open, and the Lord will abound,
For all who are lost, there's still time to be found,
And Oh the Sound of Thunder,
Oh! What Glorious Sound.
The Shepherds are tired and the sheep they are weak,
The Wolves they are rampant, their pleasure to seek
And Who from amongst us will rise up to speak?
And Oh the Sound of Thunder,
Oh! What Glorious Sound.
The Sky will tremble, and the Earth will be shaken,
The Daughter of God, her hand will be taken,
The Children of Slumber will soon be awakened.
And Oh the Sound of Thunder,
Oh! What Glorious Sound.
When will the Earth be young again?-
No more Abel, no more Cain:
Only the Finest will remain -
And Oh the Sound of Thunder,
Oh! What Glorious Sound.
Oh - Oh Parvardigar, Oh my Lord how high You are:
Please be my Sun Dance and my Evening Star:
You are the Sound of Thunder:
Oh! What Glorious Sound.
Wakin, Wakin, Wakin Wakantanka
Oh my Only Love.
(Parvardinger: a Sufi word meaning "Lord Almighty sustainer of the Universe"
Wakin: a Sioux word meaning "Thunder", Wakin Wakantanka: "Divine Thunder"
-Moving Up A'Ways - 6-string guitar & voice.
"Moving Up A'Ways" was inspired by the Dream-Myth "Sing" of the Navahos,
depicting the spiritual and physical evolution from lower to higher forms of life.
With this in mind, I wrote this contemporary song.
(words see: The Voice of the Eagle)  
-Legend of Mount Tamalpias - 6-string guitar & voice.
The Indians who lived at the base of Mount Tamalpias in California had a legend of a beautiful princess
who offered herself as sacrifice in place of her true love, who had been cursed by an evil shaman.
She took the form of a stone ( the Mountain itself), where she still waits for her love to return and free her.
I thought it was a wonderful analogy of Earth and Sky, Body and Spirit.
If you look at Mt.Tamalpias from Tiburan, you can still see her, Waiting.
Come Home to me, my love,
And come set me free, my love - forever;
Long ago I was stationed here,
Come my love - a smile or a tear -
And come home to me, my love forever;
Come close to me, my love,
And come set me free, my love - forever;
All the while I think of you,
All day long I see only blue -
And come close to me, my love - forever;
Come take my hand, my love -
And come, here I am, my love - forever;
Come my love, let the world go bye,
And my love - a kiss and a sigh -
And come take my hand, my love - forever;
Hold on to me, my love -
And I'll keep you free, my love - forever;
Sun and Moon will never pass away,
Come my love, turn Night into Day,
And come to me, my love,
-Rainbow Thunder - 6-string guitar & voice.
    A Valhalla D'Amour of the American Indian.
When you lay down beside me,
I hear the voice of Spring,
I hear the thunder a'coming, my love,
I hear the Rainbow sing.
I hear the Rainbow sing.
Come drink from the Waters of the Well of Life
Come drink from the Fountain of the Sun,
my Love
When you turned your face toward me,
I felt the Moon Sublime,
I felt the Stars A'Dancing in my Heart,
I felt the End of Time.
I felt the End of Time.

When you raised your hand toward me,
It Bloomed the Rose of Day,
Your eyes were swift as Swallows, my Love,
And turned the Night away -
Come drink from the Waters of the Well of Life
Come drink from the Fountain of the Sun,
my Love
When you took my lips toward you,
I thought the World would end,
I knew the Joy of Freedom, my Love,
I knew the Timeless Friend -
And as we lay together,
Of Tears and Times gone bye,
I hear the Springtime Coming, my Love,
I hear the Eagle Cry:
Come drink from the Waters of the Well of Life
Come drink from the Fountain of the Sun,
my Love.
Side 2
-The Pathfinder
- 6-string guitar & voice.
A "Strong Heart Song", based on the words of Sitting Bull,"Many Battles have been won, Just by Sitting with the Sun."
Many Battles have been won,
Just by Sitting with the Sun.
Love is still a gentle tune,
Keep on riding with the Moon.
When I love my heart in tow,
I will ride the Buffalo -
I will ride till days are done,
Oh the Silence of the Sun.
In the Whispers of the Moon,
Love is still a gentle tune.
Hold on to Him!He will lead you to the End.
Hold on to Him! He will be your loving friend.
Just before the World began,
There was just a Mountain Man.
Since the Word, ther have been two,
Oh the Valley of the Moon.
Since the Sun began to Play,
We must return the same old Way.
From the Valley of the Moon
To the Mountain of the Sun.
From the Cradle of the Moon,
To the Temple of the Sun.
Hold on to Him!He will lead you to the End.
Hold on to Him! He will be your loving friend.
I will track till times are done,
The Golden Footsteps of the Sun.
I will track till times are few -
Oh the Tresses of the Moon,
The Silver Tresses of the Moon.
When I love my heart in tow,
I will ride the Buffalo -
I will ride till days are done,
Oh the Silence of the Sun.
In the Whispers of the Moon,
Love is still a gentle tune.

Hold on to Him!He will lead you to the End.
Hold on to Him! He will be your loving friend.

When you do the best you can,
You will be a Mountain Man.
Many Battles have been won,
Just by Sitting with the Sun.
Keep on Sitting in the Sun -
Oh Ho Né-ya.

(O Ho Né-ya: a Sioux word meaning forever)
-The White Buffalo - 12-string guitar & voice.
    A relic of the past - the bones of the West. In Indian Talk, "to fall a White Buffalo" means to win Divine Presence.
Wané - Wané Wanékia! (Oh! Savior!)
Behold, Behold, the Sun has come.
Behold, Behold, the Ancient one.
Hold On, Hold On, Buffalo.
Well you're Walking Tall when you call
the White Buffalo.
Well, she runs to the River, Oh to the Baptized.
Well, she runs to the River, Oh to the Baptized.
Stay Home, lady, find your Father's Eyes.
Stay Home, lady, find your Father's Eyes.
Hold On, Hold On, Buffalo.
Well you're Walking Tall when you call
the White Buffalo.
Wheather I'm right or weather I'm wrong,
Wheather I'm lost in a terrible storm,
Hold On, Hold On, Buffalo.
Well you're Walking Tall when you call
the White Buffalo.
Ei Ya, Ei Ya, Hé-a Ei Ya, Hé Ya Weste Lo.
Well don't ask the shaman for his Charms,
Well don't ask the shaman for his Charms,
Stay Home, brother, find your Mother's Arms.
Stay Home, brother, find your Mother's Arms.
Hold On, Hold On, Buffalo.
Well you're Walking Tall when you call
the White Buffalo.
Well His Eyes are Big and His Head is a bending Low,
His Skin is White and He moves like a Picture Show.
His Horns are Fire, and His Eyes they are a'glow.

You're walking Tall when you call on the Buffalo,
You're Walking Tall when you fall a White Buffalo.

You're Walking Tall when you fall a White Buffalo.
You're Walking Tall when you fall a White Buffalo.

Ei Ya, Ei Ya, Hé-a Ei Ya, Hé Ya Weste Lo.

In the land there the White Corn is Hoed,
In the land, the Land that Jesus sowed,
You're walking Tall when you call on the Buffalo,
You're Walking Tall when you fall
the White Buffalo.
Wané - Wané Wanékia.
Wané - Wané Wanékia.

Behold, Behold, the Sun has come.
Behold, Behold, the Ancient One.
Hold On, Hold On, Buffalo.
You're Walking Tall when you fall
the White Buffalo.
(Wanékia: a Sioux word meaning Savior)
-Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - guitar & voice.
Go bury my heart at Wounded Knee,
Go bury my heart and set her free.
Go bury my heart, so the Wolves and the Lions won't tear apart,
Go set her free.
Walking in the Wind and the diving Snow,
All around no where to go.
Gather my heart in the Autumn Leaves,
Go wrap my soul in the Golden Leaves,
Go cover my soul, keep her safe from wind and snow,
Don't let her freeze.
Waiting for the Warm, Golden Rain,
The Sweet, Silent Rain of the Sun
To come again.
Wakin u weio koridun u weio
Hodidin ko deedy ko deedy Please
Bury my heart at Wounded Knee,
Go bury my heart and set her free,
Go bury my heart, so the Wolves and the Lions won't tear apart,
Go set her free.
Towards the Shining Mountains
I'll be Riding - Riding Home.
Towards the Loving Father, I'll be Riding,
Riding Home, and I'll be Singing -
I'll be Singing, I'll be Singing,
I'll be Singing.
Riding Home from Wounded Knee -
Riding Home from Wounded Knee.
-Home Again - guitar, drum & voice.
A song celebrating a visit to Bear Butte, South Dakota. A beautiful place to walk in pristine clarity.
It's a Buffalo Wind that wakes my heart,
It's a Bear Butte Fire that stirs my soul -
It's a Mountain Water dears my eye,
makes me try:
Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
For she was sweet, and she was green,
She was the fairest lake I'd ever seen -
Her hair was long, her eyes were blue,
Valley Blue:
Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
For I have lived and I have died,
And I have dimbed the starry night -
And as I sleep my dreams come true over you:

Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
In these Blue Hills, I learned my Song,
In these Bad Lands my heart grew long -
And should you ask me for my name or my pain:
Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
It's a Mountain Wind that makes me high,
It's a Valley Breeze that makes me sigh -
It's a Thunder Woman takes my hand
by Command:
Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
For I have lived and I have loved,
And I have known the One Above -
For He is here, and He is there, Everywhere:
Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
It's a Buffalo Wind that wakes my heart,
It's a Bear Butte Fire that stirs my soul -
Twas on that Mountain I found my way,
Where the Indians Pray:
Home Again -Carry me on and on,
Home Again -Love's Sweet Song.
-The Long Lullaby - 12-string guitar & voice.
    A love song.
I hear the Silver Singing Rainbow,
I hear the Stars A'Dancing Bright,
I hear the Wind in the Willows:
I hear the Long Lullaby.
Wait Along, Wait Along -
I hear the Wind in the Willows,
I hear the Long Lullaby.
Time can conquer many mountains,
Time can swallow many seas,
Time can never conquer heartache:
Oh Time can never conquer me.
Wait Along, Wait Along -
Time can never conquer heartache,
Oh Time can never conquer me.
Love is an ever-changing Moonbeam,
Love is the Whistling of the Wind,
Love is the Nighttime A'Calling:
Love is an Ever-Present Friend.
Wait Along, Wait Along -
Love is the Nighttime A'Calling:
Love is an Ever-Present Friend.
I hear the rippling of the Waters,
I hear the trembling of the Trees,
I hear the Old Man A'Calling:
I hear the Long Melody.
Wait Along, Wait Along -
I hear the Ocean A'Calling:
Oh! Love is the Long Melody.
Keep in the Silver Singing Rainbow,
Keep in the Stars A'Dancing Bright,
Keep in the Wind in the Willows:
Keep in the Long Lullaby.
Wait Along, Wait Along -
Keep in the Wind in the Willows,
Oh! Love is the Long Lullaby.
-Black Hills Sololoquy - 6-string guitar & voice.
There's a lot of beauty in the Black Hills, physical and spiritual, and I hope this work gives somewhat the feeling I've felt in my heart.
The Lasy Summer River Runs
through the quiet Western Lands,
The Doughters or the Milky Way
are ever near at hand;
As I sit, and watch, and stand,
These Dark Hills my command.
Oh!the distance from the Sun to the Earth
is measured in a Smile,
And all the while -
Yearning, Burning, Turning,
This Verdant Stringball of the Earth
Unravelling through Time and Space.
Ah Old America
Ah Old America-
I've seen thine Ancient Face:
The Potsherds of Time,
The Arrowheads of Place.
And Yonder come thy People,
I hear them one by one;
They walk in timeless splendor
The Rainbow in the Sun.
And what they left behind them
No man will ever know;
The Voice of Rain and Thunder,
The Silence of the Snow.
And from this Day of Sunset,
Of tears and times gone bye,
I hear the Springtime coming,
I hear the Eagle cry.
For God in His Right Wisdom
Has come to lead us through
This Winter-age of Carelessness,
The Dawn of Light renew.
So keep the window open
That guards the heart's own Sun;
For Love has come to conquer us,
The Earth, and Everyone.



Twilight Peaks(1985)


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